In addition to working as a freelance financial editor/writer for InvestorPlace, Newsmax, The Motley Fool, Investopedia, Forbes, Beacon Equity Research and Investor Concepts (among others), Derek Simon was also the editor of Small Cap Insider, a monthly newsletter highlighting investment opportunities in the small cap sector.

His sports pieces have been featured (or linked to) on Yahoo.com, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, AOL Sports and CBS Sports.

He’s headed numerous special projects, including the development and production of betting guides for the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup races, handicapping reports, investment reports and a variety of promotional and video productions.

Derek has also designed and been the administrator of numerous Web sites, including SimonSaysRacing.com, Databasebetting.com and the Moffat County Morning News site.

He currently works as a content writer for Bang Energy in Hollywood, Florida.

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Beerlife Sports

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There’s Betting Gold in the Nuggets Tonight!

Sports Betting Stats

How to optimize your bankroll I (Sports Betting Stats)
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History says Omaha Beach won’t win the Kentucky Derby


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Avoiding underlays

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Bang® Energy Drinks 12 Pack

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Text for soon-to-be-released Bang® Anti-Diet App and other, internal applications.

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Small Cap Insider
Editor of own financial newsletter (sponsored by Insiders Strategy Group)

Small Cap Insider Issue #1
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Beacon Equity Research

Melts in the Ground (Beacon Equity Research)
Trimming the Fat (Beacon Equity Research)

Investor Concepts Magazine

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How the high price of gas can pump up your portfolio (Street Authority)

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How to avoid sinking stocks (Taipan Publishing Group)

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Yahoo Sports

Blame it on Secretariat


History says Omaha Beach won’t win the Kentucky Derby

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The truth about Lasix
It’s time to call Beyer speed figures what they really are

Hello Race Fans!

Speed Rations: A modern interpretation of pace handicapping

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End of the road
What going to the gym has taught me about life


The food chain it is a-changin (Deeptone)

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Future of social networking (Rocky Mountain TechLine)
Hi tech healing (Rocky Mountain TechLine)

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Taking Stock with Derek Simon 12/6/06 (iStockAnalyst)
Taking Stock with Derek Simon 11/25/06 (iStockAnalyst)

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US Racing Show (PlayerFM)
TwinSpires Horse Racing Podcast with Derek Simon (TwinSpires)
2019 Kentucky Derby (US Racing)

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Belmont Stakes betting guide
Investing opportunities in legalized sports betting

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