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Do it Today!

I discovered weightlifter C.T. Fletcher on Youtube and instantly liked his attitude and his, uh, “unique” way of expressing himself (note: if swearing — a lot — offends you, it might be wise to forego watching the following video).

Despite his devotion to fitness, however, Fletcher inherited a condition that led to open heart surgery in 2005, during which, his heart stopped functioning not once, but three times.

“Every time I go to the doctor, they tell me what I shouldn’t be doing and what I should be doing and what I won’t do.” Fletcher told in 2017. “And, after that, I go out the door and do whatever the [expletive] I want to do. And, I’m gonna do that until they throw dirt on top of me. This is my life. And I choose to live it the way I want to.”

Now 59 years old, Fletcher is very aware of the value of time, which is something I very much relate to.

The fact is time is one thing we have very little control over… yet we pretend that we do.

I’ll do it tomorrow!

Someday, I’m going to go to [pick a place].

I’ll work this job for a little while — even though I hate it — and, then, pursue what I really like afterwards.

No, no, no. As is proven every single day, there might not be a tomorrow. There might not be a someday or an afterwards.

Do what you love TODAY. Leave toxic work environments and toxic people TODAY.

Featured photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash.


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